Gaining footsteps; Losing teeth

My sweet little baby girl Harper is walking!  It's no shock, she is nearly 16 months old, but still, she is my BABY!  She finally took her first steps, 18 steps to be exact.  By this time next week she will be running around the house getting into things the way a, gulp, toddler is supposed to.  I just want one more little moment with my tiny warm bundle of a newborn to be sleep against my chest.  Sigh...until next time. 
                                 (OK, so in the picture she is about to fall, but you get the idea!)

Three days ago, my dear 6 year Riannah old lost her 3rd tooth, the top front tooth!   Aaah, two bittersweet milestones thrown at me in one week to remind me that no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to hang on to the precious moments long enough.  Something about that HUGE gap in her mouth made her look like she grew up so fast.  My cute little girl's smile has now entered the awkward stage of a school girl!

At least my son Nolan seemed to stay the same age this week, I don't think I could handle another milestone without breaking down in tears!   Why is it that some days seem to never end, but the weeks, months and years just fly right by, leaving us wondering who these kids are and where our babies went?
But there is a sweet side to the bitter part of our babies growing up...and that is CHRISTMAS!!  Every year their eyes get brighter, filled not only with the wonderment and excitement of Christmas, but with the memories of the years past, and that is really what makes the holidays so special...
The first thing he does every year, is put on the Santa hat and Christmas stockings!!  so silly!